Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introduction…a little late.

tldr: Red hair, chops, boots, attitude…

Currently I am JCD's manager and previously managed Veronique.  I have built multiple testing organizations, as well as doing my own test work.  My focus is in being a jack of all trades.  I can write automation, deal with C-levels, influence developers, run manual regression, create load tests and lead intelligent people.  I do an awesome job on all, but I do depend on my team of rockstars to deal with whatever technical challenge we come across.

Part of the reason that I started blogging is to increase my proficiency at writing. I'd like to extend my sphere of influence from just merely the people that I've worked with or hired, to something more epic scale. I require large goals in order to satisfy my small ego. I'm constantly amazed at most people's willingness to do the bare minimum and not improve themselves. Internally, I'm driven to do things the best that I can at the moment.

I started testing cause coding 8 hours a day sucked. Having the ability to code / test / research / choose my own priorities is critical to my success. I believe there is no "one true way", and I value results over ceremony, metrics, paper shuffling and acting busy.

I have found value in context driven development and while I don't require my people to follow it, I do expect them to be able to talk about it with some intelligence.  I hold high standards and tend to be a little brash in my language.  I expect people to be intelligent enough to be able to research things they don't understand rather than spoon feeding you links.

I have lived in my little valley for my entire life and have slowly learned from our diverse community of development scenarios….You may see me around as Isderf, my long time handle.

Like JCD, I need to say my views do not represent any company I have worked for, past present or future.

Thanks to JCD for ghost writing a lot of this, as I hate talking about myself without several scotches…


  1. w00t, now I can finally get something done without Isaac demanding me to write more of his biography! :)

  2. Thanks for the background story.

    So who/what do you want to influence on an epic scale? Do you have a long-term goal/vision that you're working towards?

  3. I want to be able to mentor people, to allow them to not need the 13 years of learning to get where I've gotten. I've been doing that 1:1, but I'd like to expand on that, part of writing the blog is to get what I know out. Hopefully someone else can glean something from all my stuff. 2nd is to enable me to communicate to people more clearly, which is not what I consider a strength.