Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Quick Introduction

I work with my fellow blogger Isaac (and possibly others if we can get them to join).  As Isaac's lackey, I primarily work on Automation, be it an API, a text based get/post system, a website or a database.  I do occasionally come out of my automation shell and do manual testing, but it is not my specialty.  

I believe both automation and manual testing are required and I do both even when I am automating a system.  At a high level all software is about communication, and testing is about communicating the state of a system.  I simply write software that communicates at a different level than a manual tester, both to the system under test and to the world at large.

You may see me speak to the entire software ecosystem, probably even a bit beyond what the typical tester considers.  I believe to some degree it is our responsibilities (collectively) to consider all the ramifications of our software, even possibly beyond the traditional bounds of our stakeholders.  I think testing should consider the global impact and if possible make the world a little better.  Be that making error messages easier to read to lower stress to making medical equipment as safe as humanly possible.

That all being said, my views do not represent any company I work for, past, present or future.  I also do not claim my views represent those of Isaac or any other fellow posters.  In fact I hope they argue with me in the comments! :)

EDIT: I want to note that I will be posting some of older (as in 2-3 weeks old) blogs I had done on my own before convincing others to join force with me.  This might make it seem like I blogged way more than I do.

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  1. What we don't argue...when have we ever argued...JEEZ