Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talking Topics

So we had a Lean Coffee about 4 or 5 months ago, where everyone wrote down what they would like to hear at our local Testing meeting group. BoiseOnTest

Over that time, JCD and I have had those cards on my desk, and randomly gone through them and tried to find people to talk about the topics rated the highest (don't comprehend, see

I've grown tired of these sitting on my desk, and I think other people might benefit from having a list of topics to talk about for test meetings, blogs or use them as you see fit.

I have purposely NOT provided context or organization for these, as I think that stimulates more creativity.

Future of Testing / Ways to Evolve
Bridging the gap between manual and automation testing
Automation: What it can and shouldn't do
Mythbusting as part of testing
Ambition, Drive and Contribution
Change (Company, Position, Attitude)
Where do experienced tested provide value (vs monkeys)
Test Design
Test Strategies for continuous integration / deployment
Risk Management
How to find great testers
Test automation classification (unit, acceptance, BVT, smoke, etc)
Training resources for testing (recommended courses, books, blogs, etc)
Effecting change
Job satisfaction
SDET or Not
Advancement / Promotion in a Test organization
Time management
Speaking / Writing
Social Skills
What's hidden in the remaining 10%
Test technology (tools, trends, etc)
Web Security Testing
Testing in different states, conditions and combinations
Gathering useful information (logs, databases, etc)
Have speakers give talks on what they do on a day-to-day basis
Experience reports
Strategies to influence development teams to test more
Data Driven Testing
Session Based Test Management
Testing Approach / Strategies
Waltzing with Bears - Communication up (specifically talking with authority, management, C levels)
Load testing techniques
The Scientific Method
Risk Analysis
Logic and Rational Thought
Equivalence Classing
Deciding what to test when you're "Testing Everything"
Grey box vs White box testing

And now my desk is slightly cleaner.

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